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What Adventures are You Planning?
Need some inspiration? Have a browse through our great trips (seriously amazing treks + cycling trips), find out about the Kamzang Fund, have a look at our Kamzang Design line (see Etsy site link, more coming), and check out our (all) 5-star reviews on Trip Advisor!

Looking for the perfect trek, bicycle trip or Himalayan journey at just the right time of the year, in the ideal part of the Himalaya? Our Featured Journeys are (almost) all led by Kim, Lhakpa + our awesome Kamzang Journeys team, and all run in our boutique Kamzang Journeys style, with tons of extras.

Top 10 Treks in Nepal | Best of Himalayan Trekking

Our Himalayan treks + cycling trips are listed chronologically, hopefully to make it easy to find a trip that fits with your vacation time. Scroll down, browse through our unique trips + enjoy the photo gallery links. Listed departures are confirmed, we'd LOVE you to join our gang of Kamzang friends on your next travels! We're a big family, as you'll see from our 5-star reviews on Trip Advisor, and our 80% (or so) repeat client rate ...

Kamzang Journeys Posts

Dec 2017 - Jan 2018
Winter Travels - A Break from the Himalaya | Kerala + Karnataka, India







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