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Lonely Planet Recommendations
Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet | Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya
"Western trekking companies based in Nepal include the excellent Kamzang Journeys"

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Sustainable + Ecological Travel
Boutique Style Trekking
Western AND Sherpa Guides
Stay in Touch! Satellite Phone AND InReach Satellite Messaging System
Great Safety Record + Easy Helicopter Evacuation
Personalized Care + Attention
Photography Focus

Our Kamzang Dining Tent - Home Away from Home!
'The Yellow Tent of Eternal Happiness'
Delicious + Diverse Food
Catering to All Food Allergies
Comfortable + Relaxed Atmosphere
Library of Regional Books

A Passion for Each Region
Years of Trekking Experience in all of the Regions
Close Relationships with Locals in our Trekking Regions
In Depth Experiences in Villages
Nomadic Expertise
Local Staff (+ our Kamzang Team) in Remote Regions
Ropes + Safety Equipment

Ecologically Run Treks + Cycling Trips
Sanitary Kitchen + Training for Staff
Extensive Medical Knowledge + Full Medical Kit
Knowledgeable + Responsible Staff
Extensive Rescue Experience
Back-up Company in Kathmandu
Attention to Detail

We LOVE the Himalaya!
And we love our jobs!

15+ Years of Safe Trekking + Guiding Experience in the Himalaya

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Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet | Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya
"Western trekking companies based in Nepal include the excellent Kamzang Journeys"

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Dara Artisans
"Travel notes:  Susan Easton’s friend, Kim Bannister, founder of Kamzang Journeys offers trips to the most remote regions within the Himalayas. Steeped in cultural insider experiences, all of her treks benefit the local communities–helping to preserve their traditions and customs."

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Client Reviews, Comments + Testimonials

Trip Advisor 5-Star Reviews!

Best treks ever! I just finished my second trek with Kamzang Journeys, my ninth Himalayan trek overall , so I've seen quite a variety of what the industry has to over. Kamzang offers the best itineraries, with meticulous attention to safety and comfort, with minimal environmental impact and maximal cultural interaction. These experiences are not to be missed.
 - Gary G (USA), Ladakh Nomads, Lakes + High Passes Trek 2016

Once again I carefully chose Kamzang Journeys for my exotic, indulgent trip to Bhutan. All praise to Kim and Lhakpa for making sure this was the best possible trip for our money, a trek in a very expensive/ exclusive part of the Himalayas. It was tough, it was amazing and it was the best thing I have ever done. Kim and Lhakpa spun their special magic to make this trek amazing. The Bhutanese guide Tse Tse made sure we had a good run down of what to expect each day. Our tough trek, mud, rain, snow was everything we expected, however our time in camp, our food and our morale was always boosted by Kim and Lhakpa on even the toughest of days - and this is what we all signed up for - you cannot do the Snowman Trek and think it will be easy. I am so glad I did this trek with Kamzang Journeys! I would do the toughest trek with Kamzang anywhere in the world. You will always get safety, dedication and genuine concern from these guys, they will ultimately help you reach your potential, and you will become friends for life. They will help you go forward with your trekking goals. Thanks guys. I will book again can't wait.
 - Shannon F (Australia), Bhutan Lunana Snowman Trek 2016

Kamzang Journeys trips are, without a doubt, the best way to take a 'regular' destination and turn it into a great adventure that goes above and beyond. If a normal tour trip does something, Kamzang Kim will do it better. If the normal itinerary goes to the normal spots, Kamzang Journeys will take you to the less-known, rarely-visited, special and fantastic places. And on top of that? Kim and Lhakpa are a true pleasure to deal with, and make the process fun. The details are taken care of. The camps have a personal touch. Everywhere you go, they know the locals. Everywhere you camp, you feel at home. What more could a trekker ask for?
- Alex P, (Canada) Sky Caves + Last Nomads of Upper Mustang Trek 2017

Another wonderful trek with Kamzang Journeys through the canyons, high passes, and remarkable culture of Upper Mustang. Kim Bannister and Lhakpa Dorji Sherpa run excellent adventures. Himalayan know how, experience, heart and humor, great food, a wonderful crew make Kamazang a special experience!
- Susan L (Canada), Sky Caves + Last Nomad of Mustang Trek 2017

This trek was my fifth Himalayan hike with Kamzang Journeys, and the most challenging. The routing, organization, crew expertise, and food all augment some of the world’s most spectacular scenery. I cannot imagine any other Himalayan outfitter that can hold a candle to Kamzang Journeys!
- Mike D (USA), GHT | Kanchenjunga to Makalu Trek 2017

The best in the Everest region! Some of the most spectacular landscapes in the Nepalese Himalayas, a window on the traditional villages of Sherpas and the gompas (monasteries), their Buddhist culture of mountains as well their summits and sacred valleys. The Everest area is a very spiritual and colorful place and we spent a little more than three weeks hiking around the world's highest mountains. Thanks to Kim and the entire team of Kamzang Journeys for allowing me to discover this wonderful place!
- Adam D, Everest High Passes Trek 2015
Watch the Video!
Everest High Passes Trek | Adam D on Vimeo

This was my third journey with Kim, Lhakpa and their fabulous Kamzang staff. Once again I was not disappointed. Kim and Lhakpa run a fantastic local company that prides itself on safety whilst taking their clients out of their comfort zone and getting them to experience remote and little seen areas of Asia.  On this trek we visited the Kanchenjunga region, making it to the base camp.Over the Sumba-Lumba pass which was challenging, however totally worth the effort with amazing views from the top.  Then we continued on through the magnificent Makalu region. The local knowledge, food, company and friendly staff make all of Kamzangs journeys something special.  I will be back again next year!
- Sue W (Australia), GHT | Kanchenjunga to Makalu Barun Trek 2017

Kim, a big thanks to you and your team for a great trek! Your enthusiasm, attention to detail, and organizational skills are all most impressive. Your Kamzang Journeys team is first class and it all added up to, once again, a very satisfying and memorable experience!
- Viv D (Australia), Everest High Passes 2017

Kim and her Kamzang Journeys team are fantastic! The food was excellent, love the cinnamon scrolls :) Kim and all of her crew do a great job of looking after everyone. After a long days trekking it was great to see the Yellow Tent of Eternal Happiness ready and waiting with hot tea and snacks :)
- Colin B (Australia), Sky Cave + the Last Nomads of Mustang Trek Spring 2017

The Yellow Tent of Eternal Happiness!
(Refering to our Kamzang Journeys yellow dining tent)
 - Colin + Pauline (Australia), Sky Caves + Last Nomads of Upper Mustang Spring 2017

Be PROUD of all you have created and built, Kim. This is amazingly terrific and fabulous!
- Laurence V, (Switzerland), Ladakh, Zanskar + Srinagar Cycling 2016, Nomads, Lakes + High Passes Trek 2016, Lhasa Christmas 2013 + Everest Gokyo Lakes Trek 2011

Thank you for everything you did to make our anniversary trip special. From the extras at our hotel rooms to the amazing quality, warmth and hospitality of every person who works with you – we were blown away by the trip you planned. We loved meeting you, Lhakpa, Doma and all the guides, drivers and porters who created such a hassle-free and seamless environment for us to explore beautiful Nepal.  Thank you so much – you created a truly life changing and unforgettable trip for us.
 - Kim + Bob (USA), Private Amazing Nepal Trek 2016 (Honeymoon Trip)

(Sandra T's story)
After researching all the registered trekking companies in Nepal (1000+) I finally stumbled onto Kamzang Journeys. Out of all of them they are the only one to mention you need prior experience to trek on the remote Dolpo and Mustang trek. This to me meant someone with the travelers best interest at heart rather than their own. As a first time, scared of heights trekker my mind was instantly made up.
Kamzang Journeys also ticked all the other boxes:
 - A smaller company which guides their own treks in Nepal + India
 - Environmentally conscious
 - Permanently employed staff
 - Fantastic trip itineraries with enough time to acclimatize, explore and some flexibility
 - The very appealing sounding 'of the beaten track'!
 - NO singles supplement for your own two-person tent

The Ladakh and Zanskar trek was challenging and spectacular. Our guides Kim and Lhakpa genuinely enjoy what they are doing. They speak the local language and we had lots of opportunities to interact with the locals. We got invited into people's homes, shared cups of tea, were offered fresh yogurt, got to taste roasted barley and dried cheese, played with the kids and every one was happy to pose for our cameras. Thanks for a wonderful trek Kim and Lhakpa! I will be back next year!

 - After a hard day of walking though spectacular mountain scenery, we were joined by two local women (in their 80s) in the dining tent. With the help of tea and biscuits, lots of laughter and our young Ladakhi translator we connect despite our cultural differences and ages.
 - The staff went above and beyond, twice carrying all our equipment up the hill when the horses couldn't do it! They still sang or hummed a tune afterwards.
 - Food was amazing with a 3 course meal every day.
 - Unlimited tea and biscuits.
 - Always someone to walk with you if you where last and keep you going.

- Sandra T (Australia), Wild Ladakh Jumlam + Suru Valley Trek 2015

Kim Bannister specializes in leading adventurous, culturally knowledgeable active trips in the Himalayan region. She has extensive local contacts and stable, top quality local crews. In addition to the better known Nepal destinations, she runs ambitious trips in the Indian Himalaya. She is equally at ease with her guests and clients, her staff, and local people. Kim genuinely loves what she does and the mood is infectious on her trips.
- David Koelle (USA)

Kamzang Journeys runs a first class trekking company. This is my second trek with them, and I highly recommend their trips. Read the trip description carefully to be sure it is what you want and you are up to the challenge, but if so, you will not be disappointed. The food is delicious and plentiful. They can easily cater to vegetarians. Equipment is excellent and the staff is second to none. On the Salt Lakes and Nomads Ladakh trek, we rarely saw any other Westerners. We were not on the standard trekking routes most of the time, and had the most beautiful scenery and lovely campsites all to ourselves. It's an adventure you won't soon forget!
- Kate C (USA), Nomads, Lakes + High Passes of Ladakh 2016

Thank you to you and Lhakpa for an incredible trip! It was an absolute triumph despite all your concerns, testament to your energy and commitment,  how well you do what you do and just what an all-round gorgeous person you are.  
- Arabella S (UK), Bhutan Lunana Snowman Trek 2016

Kamzang Journeys has set the bar very high for treks in the Himalayas!
- Jim C (USA), Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpo to Mustang + Everest High Passes Treks

This was my third trek with Kamzang Journeys and my second with them to Dolpo. I look forward to my next KJ trek! We had a small group trek through Upper Dolpo, a challenging, little trekked Tibetan region of Nepal. For most of our nearly four weeks trek we were above 3600m and crossed over four 5000m passes. We had many encounters with the people of Dolpo, spending rest days in several villages along the route.

I highly recommend Kamzang Journeys. Kim and her long-time crew provide a high quality service from the first meeting Kathmandu to when they farewell you on the last day. Single trekkers have their own tent and the big orange mess tent is KJ's signature feature. The food is excellent and plentiful. Before the trek Kim provides an extensive itinerary and information about health, culture and gear. She also does an excellent detailed briefing in Kathmandu to ensure that all members are well equipped. Kim backs this up by ensuring that all members are healthy and well during the trek. She has extensive wilderness first aid experience and a well stocked medical kit.

The most impressive aspect of a Kamzang Journeys trek is the manner in which Kim looks after the welfare of her crew. Kim has a deep affection for Nepal which shows in her engagement with the local people. With her Nepalese and Tibetan language skills, Kim always finds some interesting or little known fact to pass on to her group. Kamzang Journeys treks go to regions that are often little visited by other groups so be prepared for the unexpected. This includes possible diversions or changes to itineraries due to weather, trail conditions etc. These diversions can be even more interesting than the intended route.
- Mark H (Australia), GHT | Upper Dolpo to Mustang Trek 2016

I just returned from the Everest High Passes Trek with Kamzang Journeys in November. AWESOME!! A trek I will never forget, it was for me a dream come true to travel to Nepal and see the beautiful Himalayan Mountains. The villages, customs, food, and the beautiful people of Nepal made it a truly fabulous experience. It was not always easy however very achievable thanks to Kim Bannister, Lhakpa and their team (Junar, Suresh and Yam) from Kamzang Journeys. Their attention to detail made for a very safe and comfortable trek. There was always someone watching over me and giving me support and encouraegement when I needed. Kim's experience in trekking, understanding of the customs and tradition and not to mention her comprehensive medical knowledge was invaluable.
- Diana P (Australia), Everest High Passes Trek 2015

Best treks ever! I just finished my second trek with Kamzang Journeys, my 9th Himalayan trek overall, so I've seen quite a variety of what the industry has to over. Kamzang Journeys offers the best itineraries, with meticulous attention to safety and comfort, with minimal environmental impact and maximal cultural interaction. These experiences are not to be missed!
- Gary G (USA), Ultimate Ladakh, Wild Sacred Upper Mustang + Upper Dolpo to Mustang Treks

I've now trekked with Kim and Kamzang Journeys four times. Every single one of those treks has been a wonderful experience!  A female trek leader is great; there is an attention to 'home comforts' which makes all the difference: individual tents as standard (no supplement), the festival tent which is available not only for meals but as a shady place to sit and read/relax and which has constant hot water for tea/coffee! There are the 'pre dinner' snacks. The biscuits on tap. The pretty rugs. All really comfortable and relaxing after a day's walking. The crew are permanent employees and work well together and are very attentive to everyone's needs and those of us returning for second (and subsequent) treks are greeted as friends. On my last trek, out of the 11 trekkers, 7 of us were repeat trekkers with Kamzang Journeys!
- Sally L (England), Nomads, Lakes & High Passes Trek 2015

Upper Dolpo with Kamzang! With Kim you become part of the area you visit, not just a visitor passing through. You meet her friends in the villages and have a most fulfilling experience. It all makes for a truly memorable experience ...
- Graham N (Australia), Sacred Upper Dolpo to Mustang 2016

Thanks again Kim for such a wonderful and challenging trip. It definitely wasn't the most relaxing holiday ever but probably the most rewarding holiday I've ever taken. We wouldn't have got through it without your support and encouragement 
- Bec Leiberman (Australia) - Everest High Passes Trek 2016

Lhakpa Dorji Sherpa leading the Jumlam River trek in Ladakh + Zanskar, 2015

Lorraine knew all along I would become a fan, but it is trekking with you and Kamzang Journeys that made it something extraordinary!
- Shannon F (Australia), GHT | Kanchenjunga to Makalu Trek 2015

I just got back from this picturesque part of the world (Everest region, Nepal). Having never attempted anything like this previously I decided to do this as a tea house trek through Kamzang Journeys. Kim Bannister and her team provided this adventure seamlessly from airport transfers, accommodation in Kathmandu, internal flights and guiding our group tirelessly throughout the Everest region. Thoroughly enjoyed the ever changing mountain vistas, the challenge of crossing a high pass, mingling with the locals and embracing their cultures, the nightly chats around the fire in the tea houses and our yak train which followed us throughout most of our trek. This trek is no walk in the park! But with Kim and her staff supporting you along the journey, this trek is very achievable. As a testament to this, our group (age range ~35-70 years young!) completed the itinerary with very few problems. Became friends with a very impressive group of people on this trek who shared a passion for an Himalayan adventure! I would not hesitate to travel with Kim and her staff from Kamzang journeys again!
 - Tony H (Australia), Everest High Passes Trek 2015

Time to start planning the next trip! The trip was indeed trans formative, has given me a new purpose, and I am deeply thankful.
- Bruce U (USA), Everest High Passes 2016

I can't wait to return to do another trek with Kim and her great team from Kamzang Journeys!
- Diana P (Australia), Everest High Passes Trek 2015

Kamzang journeys was extremely helpful in every respect great info on what was needed answered ever question quickly and there people on the ground were lovely def recommend to anyone traveling to use them.
 - Zack (Australia), Private Everest High Passes Trek 2016

I've traveled with Kamzang Journeys twice on their Wild Ladakh and Everest High Passes treks, and and yearn for another chance! Every detail is expertly handled. After eight weeks with the Kamzang team I have nothing but gratitude and admiration for their attention to my comfort and well-being in very high places.
- Chris R (USA), Wild Ladakh & Zanskar Trek, Everest High Passes 2015

I really enjoyed my cultural trek in the Khumbu + Everest region. It was good to have a local guide in Tashi. He was such a quiet and gentle guy, and I was impressed with his respect for culture and Buddist philosophy. I was able to learn about the way of life in the villages and about the gardens and crops. also it was interesting to visit the monasteries and hear about Buddhist practices and philosophy. The route chosen was great - away from the main trekking routes and very scenic. I could feel myself becoming more acclimatized and fitter after a few days above 3000m. Basanta was such a cheerful porter and always greeted us with a big smile.

All the flights and connections went smoothly thanks to Lakpa and Doma in Kathmandu and Tashi and the host from Paradise Lodge at Lukla. Doma was very generous with her time and went with me to see Durbar Square. Kathmandu Guest House was lovely and the staff were so helpful, especially Binod. I was able to meet up with Celesta on the last day as she had just arrived in Kathmandu. So a  verymemorable trip. Thanks so much!
- Maureen H, Private Everest Cultural Trek

Our signature Kamzang dining tent. Photo credit Doris Zachares

Trekking in the Himalaya, for me, was a lifelong dream. I am so glad I went with Kamzang Journeys on the Kanchenjunga to Makalu Trek! We had the most fantastic crew of porters who are cared for with kindness and compassion by Kim and Lhakpa. I felt like I was a part of something special, something beyond beautiful peaks and high passes. We were trekking during the month of the great earthquakes in Nepal in April/May 2015, so our trek had many challenges all of which were met with thoughtful consideration for our safety and the safety of our porters. We became a close knit group. The terrain was dazzling, the food well thought out and very considerate of dietary restrictions all due to Kim's careful planning. We had individual tents. Our Kamzang-style community tent was comfortable full of wonderful tea, rugs, sling chairs, books and music- making camp time a warm wonderful place to chill out. Kim has this absolutely sorted. Our trekking days were well managed, Kim's genuine interest in the local people and her ability to communicate with the locals made our village visits intimate. This was a trek of a lifetime for me, which I am happy to say will be the first of many with the wonderful Kamzang team. I feel like I have made friends in this exotic exhilarating corner of the world.
 - Shannon F (Australia), GHT | Kanchenjunga to Makalu Trek 2015

Thanks again for another exceptional trek! I really enjoyed meeting your Ladakhi 'ebi' (grandmother) and grandfather. What special people they are - radiant kindness. And the tea party with the 'grey-haired' laughing, venerable women of Yulchung! You give your all Kim, and I so appreciate it. The Jumlam - with all its adventurous passages - was amazing. And once again, your passion and compassion for the people, culture & wildlife shine through.
- Sue L (Canada), Ultimate Ladakh & Jumlam Trek 2015

Magnificent treks and highly professional! I have trekked with Kim 5 times, 4 in Ladakh in Northern India and 1 in Nepal. On all 5 occasions the treks were very well organized and run in a very professional manner. Kim's crew are all enthusiastic and are very happy to provide assistance where necessary. As trekkers you are very well looked after with individual tents and a large tent for socializing and dining. Kim and Lhakpa plan their treks so they are interesting and that they go off the beaten track and you are not walking in procession with other trekking groups, Kim is aware of the different needs and capabilities of her trekkers and her daily itineraries cater for all. On the more challenging parts of her treks Kim and her crew are always there to support. I hope to do more trekking with Kim and Kamzang Journeys and highly recommend them!
- Dennis B (Australia), Nomads, Lakes & High Passes Trek 2015, Sky Caves & Last Nomads of Mustang Trek 2014, Wild Ladakh & Zanskar Trek 2013 ++

When we arrived in Kathmandu Kim checked out our gear and suggested a couple of purchases to make things more comfortable, gear wise, then took us to outfitters she knew had quality stuff. We were looked after superbly on trek by Kim and her staff and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was amazing to be in such an isolated part of the planet, the quiet was incredible. There were a couple of alternatives suggested along the way and the whole party was consulted as to what they would prefer. We loved being able to put our day packs on the horse when we were feeling tired. When the trek was finished we really felt as though we had achieved something. Would not hesitate to travel with Kamzang Journeys again!
- Julie & Alan F (Australia), Sacred Upper Dolpo to Mustang Trek 2015

GHT | Upper Dolpo to Mustang Group 2014

I have done numerous treks in the Himalayan region over the last 25 years, and I would rate Kamzang Journeys at the top of my list for trekking companies. Excellent service, attention to detail, great food, good equipment, friendly and competent staff. We had far more snow than normal on our March-April trek, and alternate plans were made while sticking as much as possible to the original itinerary. The crew went above and beyond to help us get where we wanted to go. Pay attention to the trip description. They travel to out of the way places and take the more difficult route - on purpose! 
- Kate C (USA), Sky Caves & Last Nomads of Mustang Trek 2015

I must say that on reflection there was a lot more that I got out this trek than I initially realized. We faced many challenges due to un-seasonal weather but Kim and Lhakpa always found a way to get us where we needed to be. Kamzang Journeys provides a unique experience that is backed by professionals who go out of their way to make the trek as exciting and enjoyable as possible. Would really recommend Kamzang to anyone who is looking for a great Himalayan experience.
- Greg W (Australia), Sky Caves & Last Nomads of Mustang Trek 2015

An adventurous journey in Ladakh! My second trek with Kamzang Journeys (summer 2015) was another great trip! Traversing both villages and wild areas of Ladakh and Zanskar with the superb Kamzang team, both culturally interesting, and gratifyingly challenging, with high altitude passes, canyons, and an amazing river route. Kim is truly passionate about Himalayas in all its varying dimensions. Both Kim and Lhakpa have a synergistic strengths as experienced guides. With a skilled team and great Lhadaki horsemen the trek was wonderful!
- Susan L (Canada), Ultimate Ladakh & Jumlam Trek 2015

Trekker with Kamzang staff on our Everest High Passes trek

A big thank you to Kim and Lhakpa for another unforgettable trip. This trip was everything and more than I expected. Their local knowledge (we visited and had morning tea at Lhakpa's sister AND his mother's house!!) is outstanding and they seem to know everyone. As usual there were the extra touches that only Kim does - freshly brewed coffee each morning, our own gas heater for the dining rooms, hot water bottles, afternoon snacks, the travelling library and the best rooms at every tea house we stayed in. Envious looks from other trekkers followed us around the Khumbu! I can't recommend Kamzang Journeys enough. This was the third trek I have done with this company and am already booked to do my fourth. Do your research and you will find this is the most organized, value for money, friendly, and most importantly, safe company you can trek with. Happy trekking!!
 - Lorraine H (Australia), Everest High Passes Trek 2014

I had a wonderful trek!!! Kamzang Journeys is the absolute best! I admire your creativity, deep love & knowledge of this part of the world, which you share so generously. You are an awesome trek leader. Your incredible strength & athleticism are matched by your truly deep integrity + compassion. I have the utmost respect and admiration for all that you do. Thank you for your kindness, patience and marvelous, positive spirits + good humor. One of the great joys of this trip was watching you interact with kids + locals. Magical! I am grateful for the skill & great guiding wisdom that Kamzang Journeys exemplifies.
- Susan L (Canada), Sacred Upper Dolpo to Mustang Trek  2014

Outstanding trekking adventure, first class guides and personal attention - this is why Kamzang has so many repeat clients! We trekked with Kim Bannister and Lhakpa Dorje Sherpa for 22 days through remote Zanskar in Aug 2014. It was the adventure of a lifetime. Kim has many years experience and a loyal team of support staff and horsemen. Food and camping were very well organized; Kim and Lhakpa lead us through stunning scenery into remote Zanskari villages. Their detailed local knowledge and ability to speak with villagers made for a memorable rich experience. Over high passes and crossing rivers we always were in good hands. Thoroughly recommended if you really want to trek off the map.
- David R. & Kathy F (Canada), Wild Ladakh & Zanskar Trek 2014

Everest High Passes Group on the Renjo La, 2014

Simply the best! As a very experienced Himalayan trekker who just did three straight trips with Kamzang Journeys I can't imagine booking a trek with any other company in the future. Kim and Lhakpa are so experienced, so professional and so much fun to walk with, and their attention to every detail, like hot water bottles for our sleeping bags every cold night on the High Everest trek, is amazing. Even after Kim broke her wrist coming down from the Renja La she was focused on making sure we were all okay. Amazing.
- Tom B, Wild Ladakh & Zanskar Trek, Upper Dolpo to Mustang Trek & Everest High Passes Trek 2014

Don't go to Dolpo with anyone else! This trek with Kim and Lhakpa was the best of the ten or so we have done in the Indian (& Nepal) subcontinent. No detail was overlooked, making for a camp that was the envy of other groups! Kim's ability to engage with local villagers added another dimension to our experience as the locals invited us to join them in their schools, homes and daily tasks. The food was imaginative, well-presented and plentiful, and served with a smile. Kamzang Journeys crew were unfailingly helpful and generous with their time, responding to individual needs as far as possible. An experience not to be missed!
 - Karen D (Australia), GHT | Upper Dolpo to Mustang Trek 2014

We had a wonderful time and greatly appreciated you opening our eyes to Dolpo. Your composure and decision making combined with your fun personality make you truly the best trip leader we could imagine. We look forward to many more trips together!
- Mary, Kathy & Ross M (USA), Sacred Upper Dolpo to Mustang 2014

Kamzang Journeys & Kim run great treks! Lhakpa and Kim are highly experienced, skilled guides. Kim's creative finesse makes for truly memorable trekking. A fantastic crew, dedicated & savvy, and a wonderful cook, Junar, are integral to this great team. 

A passion for the cultures of the Himalaya, a depth of knowledge and understanding, are all a part of what Kim shares, with great generosity and exuberance. Interactions with local villagers, from kids to elders, are a big part of Kamzang style.

 The Upper Dolpo trek of October 2014 was an incredible journey. Highly recommended!!
- Susan L (Canada), GHT | Upper Dolpo to Mustang Trek 2014

Everest High Passes Group at Everest Base Camp, 2014

I've just returned from my second trek in Nepal with Kamzang Journeys. Once again Kim and Lhakpa made the trek unforgettable. We were confronted with some very difficult situations due to unfortunate weather conditions (cyclone), however, Kim re-routed our course assuring our safety and the safety of her crew. In fact the changed itinerary was brilliant and a photographers dream.
Kim and Lhakpa take pride in their treks and bend over backwards to accommodate the differing needs of their clients. Safety is paramount along with fun and a lifetime of memories.
 - Sue W (Australia), GHT | Upper Dolpo to Mustang Trek 2014

A great trek! Kim and Lhakpa are a great partnership, together with their very experienced Nepali support crew they were able to look after every need of the 10 trekkers that completed this journey. They go the extra mile in many different ways: a very good acclimatization programme, coffee, teas & extra snacks before & with meals, gas heater to ensure cold mornings in tea houses were more comfortable, plus incredible support while trekking. This team are very well respected in the Everest region & rightfully so.  I would recommend this company and tour to anyone wanting "something more" the standard Everest Base Camp tour offered by so many companies.
- Graham P (New Zealand), Everest High Passes Trek 2014

I have been on treks with Kim four times. All her trips are superbly well organized and smoothly run. Everything is take care of. The food is great and accommodation good. The only thing you have to do is the walking. It's a five star service and great value.
- Peter H (UK), Arun Valley & Gokyo Christmas Trek, Ladakh & Zanskar Treks

Thanks again Kim for the absolutely spectacular trip and hopefully we won't delay nearly as long next time in making our way back to Nepal!
- Anne & Stan (Canada), Nar Phu to Upper Mustang Trek 2014

Kim is a very adventurous lady with good communication skills. She has operated as a guide in the Himalayas for many years and it was evident during our trip with her. We wish her all the best in her solo career and many happy trails
 - Buddy H (USA) - High Manaslu 2009

GHT | Upper Dolpo & Dhorpatan Group 2013

A bucket list must, and an expeditionary style adventure in a pristine environment. All at the good hands of Kim Bannister, the organizational wizard, and her extraordinary staff. Kim and her guide partner Lhakpa Dorji led us on an idyllic route through the remote and beautiful Ladakh & Zanskar region of northern India. My initial apprehensions, as a first time trekker, were quickly extinguished by the friendly and professional manner of the competent staff. It was the experience of a life time, certainly one that I will never forget. This trekking company deserves a "5 star rating"! You need only bring a good set of lungs, a strong pair of legs, a zest for adventure and a sense of humor. I will return!
- Tom B (USA), Ladakh & Zanskar Kora Trek 2013

Kim is a lovely human and goes out of her way to make your experience the best possible. Attention to detail - and a real pride in doing what she does well - I wouldn't want to go trekking with anyone else. (and the food is delicious). She's also genuinely caring about her trekkers and as enthusiastic about the things we saw along the way, like the wild life, as any of us!
- Alice B (UK), Nomads, Lakes & High Passes Trek 2013

This was the third time I've trekked with Kamzang Journeys and Kim and her crew it was lovely to be back amongst friends. Ladakh is a fabulous destination and a real step back in time to 'real' travelling. Trekking with Kim and her crew is authentic but also luxurious; a single tent as standard, the 'Festival Tent' for relaxation and meals, hot water for tea/coffee on 'tap', and great standards of cooking! No fears of food poisoning as hygiene is excellent. If you're stuck with June - September for your long Himalayan trekking Ladakh is the place to go and Kim and Kamzang Journeys are the people to go with!
- Sally L (UK), Nomads, Lakes & High Passes Trek, Wild Ladakh & Zanskar Trek + more

What an experience! Kim, Lhapka and their amazing team at Kamzang Journeys will give you an incredible experience to remember! Whatever trip you choose,  you will be introduced to local culture, traditions and daily life. They know the regions well and most of the local people. Their respect for the environment and the local people is something I will never forget. Their small team have worked with them for many years and they will look after all your needs.
 - Lana H (Australia), Everest High Passes Trek 2012, Wild Ladakh Zanskar Trek 2014 & more!

Diana + Tony on top of Gokyo Ri, Everest High Passes Trek

Kamzang Journeys is fantastic! Other hiking groups had to turn back due to heavy snow on passes, Kim, through her extensive local network was able to get us into Upper Dolpo using an alternate route. Her love of Nepal and it's people is evident in everything she does. She had the best price when you look at what's included and length of trip. The food on the trek was outstanding. I was so impressed I am doing another 2 treks with Kim this year. Absolutely outstanding!
- Lorraine H (Australia), GHT | Upper Dolpo to Jomsom 2013

Thanks to you & Lhakpa for the fantastic adventure you gave us! You kept us safe and gave us memories that will stay with us forever. I had so much fun and so many laughs, a Kamzang adventure!
 - Sue W (Australia), Nar Phu, Sky Caves & Last Nomads of Mustang 2013

I want to tell you how much I respect and admire you for the work you are doing and the path you have chosen. I think you are enormously talented, intuitive, kind, considerate, fair, flexible, skilled, athletic. And despite my many small trials within the larger challenge of this trip, I would not trade away a minute of it. You have many reasons to feel proud of what you have created, and for so much of what your trekkers take away with them and carry for a lifetime. I am most delighted to have been a part of Dolpo 2013, lucky to have crossed your path, and grateful for the entire experience.
 - Elizabeth L (USA), Sacred Upper Dolpo to Jomsom 2013

Mustang a must with Kim! In 2013 I was lucky enough to trek with Kim through the upper mustang region of Nepal. This was my second trip to Nepal but my first with Kamzang Journeys. Kim and her talented crew created a welcoming and safe environment to explore the upper mustang region including the highlight of visiting the last nomads in Nepal. Kim's organisational skills and connections in the region insured any unforeseen circumstances were dealt with humour and a minimum of fuss. I will never forget this experience and look forward to many years of trekking with Kim and Kamzang Journeys.
- Sue W (Australia), Sky Caves & Last Nomads of Mustang Trek 2013

I have been with Kim and her crew on four separate treks into the Nepal Himalayas. Each one has been unique, exciting, challenging, and totally amazing. Kim has the best crew around and they provide a comfortable camp and great food. I would highly recommend Kim, Kamzang Journeys and her group.
- Allan B (USA), Amazing Annapurnas, High Manaslu, Upper Dolpo to Jomsom & Kanchenjunga North Base Camp Treks

Our Sky Caves & Last Nomads of Mustang Group 2013

I had the most amazing time and am so grateful to you for the best hike ever ... You should be very proud of yourself and your company and the way you run your hikes. It is wonderful to have someone who is so passionate about the country and its people, and the clients on your trip. I am busy looking at your other hikes to see which one i can do next!! I loved the fact that we hardly met any other groups and seemed to have the whole place to ourselves. Thank you for an amazing experience and great leadership by an awesome woman with the biggest heart.
Lorraine H (Australia), GHT | Sacred Upper Dolpo to Jomsom 2013

Kim (Kamzang Journeys) manages a great trek! She's personable, fun and takes responsibility to make everything work as well as possible given sometimes challenging circumstances. Kim truly loves Nepal and its people. It shows in the many ways she engages with the local people. She tries very hard to provide a great experience that works for everyone on the trek.
 - Rick T (USA), Kanchenjunga North Base Camp Trek 2013

Kamzang Journeys' unique and challenging trek deep into remote Upper Dolpo is an astounding look at a vanishing culture. Kim, Lhakpa and her crew run a tight ship, motivate, and also provide some TLC on tough days when altitude or a bug may get the better of you. I stayed on in Nepal, did a couple weeks rest, then headed out on Kamzang's Everest High Passes trek. Never do I expect to witness views like this trip! Plus Kamzang routes you 10-12 days beyond the Everest Base Camp crowds into sublimely beautiful and less traveled parts of Khumbu high peaks area. I truly hope to book another trip with Kim and Kanzang soon. Completely unique adventure travel experience, and I've done a lot. And you are very well look after while working your butt off on the trails! 
- Mike D (USA), GHT | Upper Dolpo to Mustang & Everest High Passes Treks 2012

Since first visiting Nepal in 1993 I have wanted to do the Everest High Passes trek but thought it would be too difficult. As I neared "senior citizen" status I decided it to give it a go, and a friend recommended Kamzang Journeys. The trek itself was amazing, and I was very happy with the quality of service provided by Kim and her team. There was always someone to assist you over any tricky spots, and Kim and her staff were cheerful, helpful and encouraging. The trek is well planned for acclimatization, and has the flexibility to adapt the itinerary according to how trekkers are coping. I would highly recommend Kim's treks to anyone wanting a first rate trek in the Himalayas.
- Jan S (Australia), Everest High Passes Trek 2012

I did the Upper Mustang Trek in 2011 and the Upper Dolpo to Mustang Trek in 2012 with Kim and her outstanding crew, and am going back again this coming April. 
Kim is truly professional, reliable, safe and very organized. Kim and Lhakpa's knowledge of these remote countries make you feel so relaxed that you just enjoy the scenery everyday. They also know the people in the different villages we go through. At camp the food is excellent, clean and gear is top. 
It is an incredible experience!
 - Nan (France), Sky Caves & the Last Nomads of Mustang Trek 2011 & Sacred Upper Dolpo to Mustang Trek 2012

High 5 on a 5,400 meter pass (Everest region, Nepal)

Trips of a lifetime! I have accompanied Kim, Lhakpa, and her longtime staff of friends on two astounding treks since 2007. Our trip through western Nepal to Kailash and across Tibet to Lhasa was unforgettable and a triumph of organizing skill and flexibility in dealing with the vagaries of travel in the TAR. Last year's Everest High Passes trek in the comparatively well travelled Solo Khumbu region was extremely well-run, featuring nuanced interactions with village life in and around Sagamartha National Park and a great degree of attention paid to the individual needs of trekkers. Their professional approach to acclimatization scheduling and ongoing assessment/support of their groups is exemplary, and a real plus in successfully guiding groups of mixed abilities safely and enjoyably in challenging remote terrain. I would not hesitate to join them again, and recommend their services wholeheartedly.
- Dave R (Hawaii), Sacred Kailash Trek 2017, Everest High Passes 2014

I’ve just completed Kim’s May 2013 Sacred Upper Dolpo to Mustang trip. Within the first few days it was clear that the weather, and in particular the snow remaining from a particularly severe winter, would play a major role in determining what we could achieve. Almost immediately we saw numbers of other trekking groups that had to turn back because the snow on major passes was too deep. This would have also been our fate if we had stuck rigidly to the itinerary. However thanks to the hard work and information gathered by Kim & Lhakpa we were able to negotiate our way through Dolpo and share in Kim’s deep knowledge of the area and her close contacts with the local people.

During the latter part of the trip we faced a choice as to how and where the trip would end. Kim and Lhakpa spoke extensively to the local villagers, gathered all the information available at the time on the options open to us and put it to the group for a decision. The near unanimous decision of the group was to attempt to exit Dolpo via the south to the Dhorpatan Reserve. Though completely unexpected this was, for me, a real highlight of the trip and I feel privileged to have did done it. The scenery, so totally different from upper Dolpo, and the sight of the gold rush like annual yarsagumba stampede, will be memories that stay with me for the rest of my life. Indeed whatever treks I do in future these memories will be hard to better. We only completed a small part of the planned itinerary but what we achieved demonstrated, yet again, why Kim, Lhakpa and their crew, are the best trekking team in the Himalayas and why their trips are the best value for money you can find. Congratulations and thanks for an amazing experience.
 - Graham N (Australia), Sacred Upper Dolpo to Jomsom 2013

Kim on Kongma La pass, Everest region in 2012

I trekked four times, in India and Nepal with Kamzang Journeys and every time I was surprised and delighted by their flawless organization, their superior care for people's needs and, most of all, by Kim's experience, knowledge, empathy, and cheerful mood, even with unpredictables. They make you feel always looked after and safe. I strongly recommend this organization.
- Alfredo (Italy), Nomads, Lakes & High Passes of Ladakh, Sky Caves & Last Nomads of Mustang
& GHT | Upper Dolpo to Mustang Treks

Simply the best! I cannot recommend Kim and her Kamzang Journeys team highly enough if you are looking for trekking experts in Nepal, India and Tibet. The High Himalaya are Kim's playground and she is expert at sharing her enthusiasm and knowledge with her groups. I have been trekking with them since 2007, and each year I return enthused and excited because I just know it is going to be so much fun.

Kim is completely professional setting her itineraries to make sure her clients acclimatize properly, she never skimps on staff so you can go at a pace that suits, and the food is the best I have ever had while hiking. Unlike many companies, Kim has a core group of excellent guides and kitchen crew, there is no single supplement, her gear is always the best, and Kim and Lhakpa's personal leadership ensures local interaction along the way, almost as if we were visiting old friends. And for sure you will make new friends with your fellow trekkers in Kim's famous Tibetan dining tent, the social hub of the group.

This trek with Kim and Lhakpa was the best of the ten or so we have done in the Indian subcontinent. No detail was overlooked, making for a camp that was the envy of other groups! Kim's ability to engage with local villagers added another dimension to our experience as the locals invited us to join them in their schools, homes and daily tasks. The food was imaginative, well-presented and plentiful, and served with a smile. Kamzang crew were unfailingly helpful and generous with their time, responding to individual needs as far as possible. An experience not to be missed!
 - Marian D (New Zealand), Everest High Passes, Upper Dolpo to Mustang, GHT | High Manaslu, Annapurnas & Upper Mustang
& Exploratory Ladakh Trek

I have done a number of treks with a variety of companies. One of these treks was to Ladakh, India with Kamzang. I found the trek’s organization and quality of food to be excellent. Equally important was Kim’s knowledge of the cultures that we trekked through, so that we, as relative outsiders, could gain some insight into their lives. However, two things stand out. Kim’s infectious enthusiasm: not just for the landscapes and cultures we passed through but for dad-to-day life on the trek. Secondly, the shared ‘mess-tent’, a haven of comfort and conversation. Very highly recommended.
- Roger E (UK), Nomads, Lakes & High Passes Trek 2011

Kim with the Tibetan nomads of Rupshu, Ladakh in 2013

The BEST! Kim, Lhakpa and their crew are true professionals: supremely organized, knowledgeable, safe, punctual, and very helpful when needed. Their cheerful attitude makes it a supreme package.
 - Vladamir R (USA) - Everest High Passes 2012

I had a minute to reflect on the past 9 weeks and I feel overwhelmed by how good the time has been. And in every memory, every achievement, every moment I feel a gratitude to both of you, Kim & Lhakpa, for making it possible and eternally memorable. Thank you.
  - Shiven M (USA & India), Upper Dolpo to Jomsom 2012
Everest High Passes 2012

Thanks to Kim and Lhakpa for the wonderful trip you put on, the mix of Western and Nepalese input and organisation works very well. The time taken to acclimatise, the direction taken and the coverage of the Everest region looked to me to be as good as you could get. On reflection this was one of my lifetimes best trips, THANKS. To my fellow trekkers thanks for your company, not a sour or dull moment, sheering the experience with all you people certainly enhanced my trip!
  - Roger D (New Zealand), Everest High Passes 2012

Thank you for a GREAT TREK! You, Lhakpa and the guides really did us proud! Would I recommend your High Passes of Everest trek to others? A definite YES! You took us to all the best view points in the Khumbu where we had FANTASTIC VIEWS of Everest and so many other beautiful mountains. Your itinery also gave us longer at the high points (eg Gorak Shep and Gokyo) than most companies. The guides were excellent doing everything they could to make our holiday truly memorable. They were ready to help with an arm when needed and so patient and smiley when we were slow. Lhakpa was always working hard to ensure everything ran smoothly, so much so that it was easy not to notice all he did, which included using his contacts to secure us flights out of Lukla. But, Kim, you made the trek! Once you had had your morning coffee, you were always smiling, working hard, encouraging us and sorting out our various ailments! It was lovely to see you with the locals, including Lhakpa's mother in her traditional Sherpa's house. Young and old they were all so pleased to see you. Apart from the maountains and the views my lasting memory will be of you with your enthusiasm and SMILE!
  - Martin S (UK), Everest High Passes 2012

Before I decided to go on an Everest High Pass I did a year's worth of research and finally decided to go with Kamzang. I’m so glad that I decided to go with Kim. Kim and Lhakpa know the region and people well. Not only do you get to experience the region, you also get to experience the culture. Kim’s crew always have smile on their faces and are willing to help in any way possible. Kim’s relationship with her crew and the lodge owners is amazing. The acclimation that you go through is well thought out and we had barely any issues compared to other groups that we saw along the way. I can’t wait to get back to Nepal and when I do I would definitely work with Kim!!!
  - Bryan R (USA), Everest High Passes 2012

Sky Caves & Last Nomads of Mustang Group 2012 - Lo Monthang with Luigi Fieni

Thank you Kim for all the great organization and smooth running of our holiday. Your enthusiasm and empathy with the Nepalese is truly inspiring. One of the reason I chose your company to trek with was that, according to your website, that you supported, sponsored and otherwise helped the local people with basic health care and education. I was not disappointed: you do a great job, much appreciated by all. As if to empathize this, on the day I left Kathmandu you had paid for a young girl to have an operation in hospital to correct a cleft pallet. An enormous 'thank you' to all the team: Lhakpa, Suresh, Junar, Yamo. Without them the holiday would not have been anywhere near as good. There was not one single occasion when a request for help, assistance, or anything else to any one of the team from me was met with anything other than a smile and instance assistance. What a great team, and a great bunch of guys!
  - David Reynolds (UK), Everest High Passes 2012

Thanks for another great trek. Your boundless energy and enthusiasm is remarkable, your organisational skills are tops, and with Lhakpa and the team your treks are simply wonderful. I thought the food was excellent on last year's trek but this time it was even better. Well done to Junar. Upper Dolpo was, as you had said, an amazing region. The scenery was spectacular and the remoteness of the area, without other trekking groups, made it even more special. I will treasure the memories.
  - Viv D (Australia), Upper Dolpo to Jomsom 2011

Amazing experience! My husband and I trekked with Kim Bannister and Kamzang Journeys through the Arun Valley and the Everest region, and long to go back on a trek with her again. Kim and Lhakpa, and the rest of the Kamzang team ensured we enjoyed stunning scenery, great food, local experiences and stayed healthy in order to fully enjoy our experience in Nepal. We always felt in capable hands and appreciated Kim's knowledge and respect of the people and the customs as well as her willingness to share this knowledge with us, enriching our experience.
  - Reagan & Eric (Canada), Arun Valley & Gokyo Lakes Trek 2011

Shiven, on his second of two treks in a row, heading towards Everest Base Camp, Nepal ...

The best there is! For my second trek in Nepal I wanted to visit one of the remotest areas, Upper Dolpo, and visit the region so superbly documented by Eric Valli in his movie Himalaya. Kim Bannister of Kamzang Journeys not only delivered and exceeded on the expectations, but did so in a heartwarming and very professional way. We were surrounded by her outstanding and long term serving teams of yak drivers, cooks, helpers as well as her very knowledgeable partner, Lhakpa Sherpa. The routes taken were carefully selected for their sights, traveling through villages and meetings the local villagers. And most importantly barely traveled by other Trekkers. Security was always assured. Because of Kim and Lhakpa's extensive knowledge of the area, we were able to meet many local people, visit the monasteries, schools, homes, etc. Throughout the almost four weeks, the food was outstanding, varied and well served in the signature canteen tent: the heart and meeting place for all the Trekkers. Always welcomed by a warm greeting and warm tea!!

The reviews on the Kamzang Journeys website for all the other treks and destinations in Nepal and India are a true reflection of the quality of this outfit, the professionalism and the local knowledge. For my next trek there is only one choice - Kamzang Journeys!
- Jan-Erik (France & Netherlands), GHT | Upper Dolpo to Mustang Trek 2011

I reckon this was the most amazing trip I've been on with you. Clearly with all the major changes & glitches it had to be organised on the run at times so it was a tribute to you all that when problems arose you were able to work around them - the road accident in the valley, the Last Resort, your being ill, the long night drive, Tholing, Darchen, the weather etc, etc. As Pip & I have discussed if people want a trip when everything happens as planned it will be a straight up the Kali Gandaki to Lo and straight back down, a boring and uninteresting type of trip. You might as well just read a book and watch a DVD. I haven't done 4 trips with you because I want this type of trip!
  - Graham N (Australia), Kailash, Guge & Limi Humla Trek 2011

Searching for heart rocks (Ladakh, Indian Himalaya)

To this day the Everest High Passes trek was the most amazing trip in my life. The Himalayas are such a spiritual and beautiful place, but I'm sure I would never have enjoyed it as much if I didn't meet you. You are such an amazing person - I really miss you. Trying to hatch a plan to visit again!
 - Elena S (UK), Everest High Passes Trek 2011

Thank you so much for making our Himalayan experience so memorable. Your organisational skills in making even the weather cooperate, your capacity to multi-task and problem solve in turning potential crises into mere wrinkles, your love and respect for the high peaks - all come together in making this trek so wonderful. But even more importantly I was touched by how deeply you give of yourself. It showed in the great care you gave to us, in the warmth of your embrace as you met people along the way and most especially in how well you treat your staff. Yours is a difficult task but clearly for you it is not a job but a calling.
  - Steve & Jo F (Canada), Everest High Passes Trek 2011

A heartfelt THANK YOU for a wonderful trek and fond memories of special people and their environment, and to you and Lhakpa for your hospitality and having made it possible to live these moments on the High Himalayan trail. I'll never forget and will always treasure the experience... I read your Kamzang website regularly and read all the eulogies about your care, support and attention to detail till the last moments of our trek. They all ring true.You are truly a pro and I wanted you to know that it has been greatly appreciated. I consider myself a privileged person to have trekked with you in Nepal.
  - Jan Erik R (Holland & France), GHT | Upper Dolpo to Mustang Trek 2011

Photography is our passion! Lhakpa in the idyllic Indian Himalaya, Nomads trek ...

My wife and I did the High Manaslu trek with Kim Bannister from Kamzang Journeys for our honeymoon, and it was outstanding. I had trekked in the Solo Khumbu region years before, and was looking for an experience more off the beaten path, and Manaslu was the perfect choice. Manaslu has everything from varied cultures, low lying lush valleys stepped with agriculture, ravines with raging rivers and suspension bridges, high alpine scenery, Tibetan cultures, high mountain passes, prayer walls, etc.

I had been wary of trekking with an organized group, but found it to be much more meaningful and gratifying to have Kim and Lhakpa's extensive experience, insights and contacts in the area. We met people all along the way, making the experience so much more personal, as well as educational. One highlight was a tibetan family who took us in their home for salt butter tea (yum); this was a relationship Kim had developed years before when she had indentified the woman's post partem depression (she had been branded by the village as possessed by spirits), and got her feet back under her with the help of a doctor on the trek. We had also saved a cache of Kim's suggested donations to this village, helping to support the children with school supplies, socks, etc.

As for hiking with other trekkers, my other concern, we were given tremendous leeway to hike at our own pace. Kim was well staffed with local guides who could accommodate different paces that our group required. This was great, so we could stretch our legs and cover some ground on the bigger hikes without being slowed, and on other days we were able to dilly dally in the back of the group, stopping to interact with people in villages, take photos, etc.

Kim also has acclimatization wired, and there was little problem with the high altitudes we attained. Did I mention the food? Yet another highlight were the sumptuous meals in the amazing, spacious dining room tent. It was complete with pillows and mats where we could stretch out, relax, play cards and always have hot tea and coffee, and it was always ready for us at the end of the day's trek. Eating is such an essential part of trekking, especially when appetites get finicky. Kim had experienced cooks who she had worked with for years, and everything was extremely sanitary, not to mention delicious, with amazing variety. Whenever possible, we ate fresh local produce, eggs, cheeses, and meals were often accommodated to picky eaters. The dining tent was also a great difference maker when the weather wasn't good, and by encouraging group interaction played a large role in the group's esprit de corps.

After this experience, I wouldn't consider trekking with anyone else, and plan on joining Kim and Kamzang Journeys in the near future. Kim is a wonderful person, and her passion for what she does carries over into every facet of her treks.
 Rob B (USA) - High Manaslu Trek 2010

Thank you for a fabulous 3 weeks of trekking in the most spectacular mountain scenery I have experienced. Everything was efficiently organized. Your relationship with the lodge owners was wonderful to see and you should be proud of what you have developed. The tea-house trekking was great with comfortable lodges and amazing views ...
Leigh B (Australia), Everest High Passes 2011

High Passes in Dolpo ...

What a trip! Thanks for all your hard work and imagination. Truly a spectacular journey and the clientele you attracted was a magnificent bonus.
  - Chris R (USA), Wild Ladakh Rupshu 2011

Kim runs a tight ship. Everything felt totally thought out and under control. It feels like Kim does such a brilliant job for her own sense of personal satisfaction - that she wouldn't do anything less then to the best of her abilities! She's really human and fun and gets right in there with you - her enthusiasm for spotting flora and fauna or taking photos is with as much genuine energy and vigor (or more!) as her trekkers who are seeing these things for the first time. She is generous in every sense of the word, helpful, warm and lovely. Lhakpa is lovely too and hilarious and laid back and will carry you across rivers. The staff are fantastic and it feels like everyone is in it together and well cared for. I really really didn't want to leave and could have quite easily committed to trekking with Kim forever! I really loved it.
  - Alice B (UK), Nomads Trek 2011

I joined Kim's Nomad trek without knowing what to expect, as it was my first trek. And I absolutely loved it. So much that I'll try to make trekking my annual activity! Kim runs a very professional trek. Her knowledge of the local landscape and history is amazing. She is genuinely interested in helping the locals (nomads) and cares for their welfare. Her staff are such a close-knit group and they work so well and seamless together. She also provides small little extras that are such a luxury during the trek, biscuits, coffee, tea and very well thought out menu. I am not a strong trekker, in fact, I came last every single day. But never did I feel isolated or concerned about my safety. I can strongly recommend Kim's trek to anyone, from beginners to experienced trekkers.
  - Effi J, Nomads Trek 2011

Thank you for making this trip one of the most memorable ones in my lifetime. You have been a friend when I needed one, a leader when the group needed one, an impeccable organizer and a great conversationalist. I marvel at your unlimited energy.
  - Shiven M (USA & India), Last Nomads of Mustang 2011

Wow! What an unforgettable experience you have given me … I was constantly amazed at your patience with the individual needs and concerns of the group and of the heartfelt care and connection you have with your staff and horses. You are a great leadership team and a joy to wake up to each morning! The landscape, the interactions with the villagers, nuns and monks along the way, the exhileration of the more risky bits of the trip and your smiling faces will not be forgotten. Thank you & Jullay!
  - Annie K (Australia), Wild Zanskar Trek 2010

I liked your pictures because they reflect your love and enthusiasm for Nepal, the mountains, the trek itself and your care for us. You and your staff are exceptional people; I have never felt more cared for in my life! I can feel the love for what you do.
  - Sir Thomas K (USA), Everest High Passes Trek 2010

John with Bhutanese man on our Great Bhutan Bike Journey in 2011 ...

This is the trek of a lifetime, with time to acclimatize, time to marvel at where you are, time for every unforgettable optional side-trip, time to kick back and catch up with yourself and time to enjoy the company of your like-minded trekkers, Lhakpa and their most proficient and professional crew and the inimitable Kim Bannister!
Don’t miss it!
Anne & David (Australia), Everest High Passes Trek 2010

Thank you so much for all of the effort, help and patience that you put in to make the trek special for us. We had such an amazing experience, and we will always have such incredible memories that we will remember for the rest of lives. It was truly an experience of a lifetime! I was so impressed with your whole operation; I don't know how you juggle it all. You are not only an amazing operator, pulling all the levers, but you are a gifted guide which makes the trip truly special for everyone. Also, your attention to detail is impressive, you can tell you put a lot of thought into how to make the whole experience as comfortable and pleasurable as possible.
Rob B (USA), High Manaslu Trek 2010

I spend my weekend looking at your photos, looking at your website and plotting how to con my manager into giving me 2 month off next year to do a camping trek with you!
Elena S (UK), Everest High Passes Trek 2010

It was a wonderful trek. Really, it was all that one could ask for; magnificent location, excellent weather and of course you and your crew were always friendly and efficient, always ready to give a helping hand. I am truly eleated to have done this trek.
Rein G (USA & Estonia), Last Nomads of Mustang Trek 2010

Lhakpa Dorje Sherpa, above Everest

Thank you very much for a wonderful trek. At times it was a struggle, but since it was my first long and high altitude trek, that was to be expected, and I hope that I did not hold everyone up too much. I felt so very well looked after, from great food to river crossings to much needed breaks and always someone to see that we did not feel lost or alone. Your attention to detail, from the window seats flying to and from Leh, to the shopping expeditions both in Leh and along the way, from the variety and quality of food to making sure that everything we needed was provided and easy to access, is amazing. Also your energy and generosity of time and spirit in those extra expeditions to nomad tents, the fort etc. when many leaders would have signed off for the day.
Leslie S (Australia), Nomads, Lakes & High Passes of the Changthang Trek 2010

Thank you for helping to make this trip so special! It really has been a magical experience and a journey which I will always look back on with happy memories. Thank you for sharing with us the beauty of the breathtaking landscape and lovely people that make this small part of the world so unforgettable. This trek has been just what I needed and I couldn’t think of anyone better to be the ones who showed us the way.
Joe K (Australia), Wild Zanskar Trek 2010

Kim – You are a very special person – your energy, enthusiasm and leadership are unmatched. I thank you for the opportunity of being with you and look forward to further travels together.
Bob C (Canada), Last Nomads of Mustang 2010

I wanted to echo the sentiments of the group - I had an absolutely wonderful trek despite the challenges that I experienced some of the time. The trek was the hardest thing mentally and physically that I have every done but I am so proud that I achieved what I set out to do and it will stay in my thoughts for a long time. I will definitely be doing more treks with you!
Mimi St J-A (New Zealand), Markha Valley & Nomads Trek 2010

Our Upper Dolpo team in Dhorpatan (2013)

I think about you and Lhakpa and everybody a lot; and I miss the trek, the beautiful mountains, the amazing sceneries and rich culture there. Every time when I go through my trekking photos, the memories of those great moments come back to me, speaking to me and asking me why I haven't packed my gears and signed up for my next Himalaya trip ...
Summer T (China), Wild Zanskar Trek 2010

We began the planning process; Some of the things that became important to us were that the guide had some flexibility built into the schedule, that the company was more concerned with the experience but kept the goal in mind, and finally that they had some sensitivity to the local people. We had narrowed the search down to a few companies when my buddy saw a picture of one of the guides and boom; he decided we were going with them. Now to her credit, our guide Kim is a beautiful woman, but even more importantly the group she works with met all of our criteria and then some. Kim's team takes great care of their clients and the locals they hire, they pay them well and treat them with respect. It was a pleasure trekking with them and I’ve recommended them to many friends.
Michael K (USA), High Passes Trek 2010

Kim spending time with locals in Upper Mustang (Nepal).

High Passes Trek: Kim knows the region and facilities better than most and probably has the best connection to the region of any company & Kim's lead guide Lhakpa grew up in one of the villages. Her medical equipment and trip equipment are exceptional. A MD on our trip was impressed with Kim's medical bag, and Kim's knowledge of occasionally needed medicines and medical issues. The acclimatization which Kim takes the group through is cautious, prudent and functionally sufficient. I had an opportunity to see other trekkers going it alone, with solo guides and in groups. Some people paid more, some paid less, our price was very good by comparison and I thought Kim's provision of comfort, information, assistance, and guidance incomparable. I wouldn't recommend anyone else. I hope to go again someday and would only want to go with Kim and her crew.
Russ R (USA), High Passes Trek  2009

Now I know how fortunate I was to have found you; as Richard says - there are no coincidences. I was drawn to your group and that's it. It worked because you were the force behind us. Tom was more right with his statement about you being pretty than he has ever realized - namely, not only the outside appearance but your inner self is just fantastic. I enjoyed every minute of your company and the trek. I never once had the feeling I had to compromise or give in to anybody's interests. Everything happened naturally and I surely hope that others feel the same. We were a merry crowd as Jane Austen would say.
Nives (Slovenia), High Passes Trek 2009

I can gladly say that I've never done camping in such style. Had a two man tent each and a big dining tent with blankets and a constant supply of biscuits. We had something like 24 horses and mules to carry all the stuff and the food was gourmet - three course meals and always plenty of porridge, eggs and pancakes in the morning to get us going. The walking was very special, with many lovely villages along the way and the locals were always keen to come and check out our set up. Basically all above the tree line so the scenery was like nothing I'd ever seen before and every day was
Joe K (Australia), Wild Zanskar Trek 2010

Jumping for joy! Ladakh, Indian Himalaya

Again thank you for another great trek. As per last year it was very well organized and you and Lhakpa were flexible and adjusted to individual needs.
Dennis B (Australia), Wild Zanskar Trek 2010

Thank you so, so much for your support, kindness and good sense in helping me through my dehydration crash. It all seems surreal as I reflect on it, except for the sadness and disappointment that is lingering with me. I truly appreciated and was comforted by your presence of mind and your willingness to stick by my side with the needs of the group also weighing on you. Please also let Lhakpa know how grateful I am to him for staying with us on that last hike to Jagat. You both inspired me along, step by step. Again, my deepest gratitude to you and I hope our paths will cross again.
Andrea C (USA), High Manaslu Trek 2010

What an amazing trek it was! You can not go wrong by trekking with Kim and Lhakpa. Their professionalism, friendliness, efficiency, expertise and unflagging good cheer and able assistance can not be overstated. The meals were excellent, Junar is a very fine chef. 5-star, healthful dining for all three meals a day. Kim has such a thorough knowledge of their dress, customs and lifestyle. I loved that she would generously share these details with me as we walked. She is a wealth of knowledge and experience. She was also amazing at interacting with the people we would meet along the trail and get them to pose for her camera.

What photos we have to remind ourselves of the fun we had! Lhakpa is the epitome of the ideal Sherpa host. Nothing we Westerners could conjure up would budge his smiling, courteous, and unflappable countenance. Exhausted and struggling on the trail? Lhakpa will carry your pack. (Not to be left out, Kim was quick to relieve us of our packs on steeper sections of the trail - two of them plus hers on one memorable day.) We did not see a single westerner/trekker until we reached the eastern border of the Khumbu. Culturally speaking, all of our interactions with the people were positive and enjoyable. Our porters and kitchen staff were a continual delight to get to know and try to communicate with. They are all really nice, helpful, extremely hardworking (and damn strong!!) happy guys. And Kim, words cannot describe her energy, always positive, unshakable, pleasant demeanor, and all-around world class guide capabilities. There was never a twinge of worry that we weren't in the most capable hands. You could go to the moon safely with her. I feel like they will be my friends for life. They really made the trek all the more memorable and extraordinary.
Lindsay H (USA), Arun & Gokyo Trek 2009

Kim, Lhakpa and the crew will put on a great trip and will take good care of you! The food is exceptional and Kim's attention to detail especially in the dining tent, adds a great personal touch. Having done trips with other trekking companies before, it's the small details such this, combined with Kim's obvious passion/empathy for these places and their people/culture that has drawn me back again and again. However, what really sets them apart for me, is that they provide a fantastic off-the-beaten track experience and do truly exploratory trips in an amazing part of the world!
Celesta, Remote Villages & Wild Canyons of Ladakh 2009

Kim's support team are uniformly excellent, and all pitch in to ensure a smooth operation and to make sure that you are ok at all times. The equipment is all top-notch and the food is very, very good. In addition, the smaller, more "informal" style really promotes interaction between members of the group and the guys helping out, which is a rare thing. They are all really friendly, down-to-earth people and have a great deal of knowledge about the trekking regions, local history and customs, and are very happy to answer any questions you have. A good measure of the success of these trips is the number of returning trekkers and climbers that choose them again and again for their holidays.I'd have to say that every trip I've made with them has been a really special experience. Suffice to say, not once have I been tempted to join any other trekking group.
Beau M, High Manaslu 2009

Kim you are one of the most unique people I have ever met. You live life to the fullest.
Tom N, Everest High Passes 2009

I can’t express enough my gratitude for our trip. It will never be forgotten.
Mark, Everest High Passes 2009

Our fantastic team on a pass in the nomadic section of Ladakh, Indian Himalalya years ago ..

Kim, I admire the intensity with which you embrace adventure ...
Mike S, Everest High Passes 2009

Kim's genuine passion and love for these regions is highly infectious.Not only is the trekking and being in the mountains fantastic they also really look after you in terms of safety and ensure that they share their passion with you. You have your own top of the range tent and the food is amazing! I love nothing more at the end of each day than sitting in the dining tent with everyone drinking numerous hot drinks and eating the freshest and tastiest food sharing the days' stories. I always come away feeling so fit, happy and healthy. I have a fear of ice and Kim and the guys instinctively know when I need extra support and are with there with me all the way. Every evening they brief you on the day ahead, what to expect, the terrain, the practicalities,degree of dificulty, what to look out for, altitude and information about the history of the regions and villages we will be passing through.We have alot of laughs too.

What always strikes me about Kim is her interactions with the local people and the wonder and awe she expresses about these beautiful people and surroundings. The fantastic crew who go that extra mile to ensure that the group gets the best out of their trekking experience.
Louise D, High Manaslu 2008

The three weeks in 2008 are unbelievably precious to me. Thank you for being a fundamental part of that. You’ll never know truly how much the trek affected me for the good.
Greg H, Ladakh 2008

Lhakpa and friends having a laugh, Ladakh, Indian Himalaya.

Thanks so much for a fantastic Manaslu trek. Your energy, knowledge and passion for the area is infectious and inspiring! Thanks for getting me down the pass, and for picking me up when I fell (in true Lou style, on my butt) ... Thanks again, Kim. I had the best time!
Louise D, High Manaslu 2008

Kim is a pleasant and exceedingly competent trek leader; Lhakpa, the cooks, and the porters are special people and in my experience, a pleasure to travel with. They looked after us cheerfully and with care, but never intrusively. They are a warm and fun group, and pound for pound, physically the strongest people I've ever been around. The people we encountered were fascinating, and the beauty of the place is beyond my ability to describe, it's photography heaven. The cultural differences between rural Nepal and my town are enormous, yet I felt welcome, secure, and at home the entire time we were trekking. The food was good and plentiful, the tents were sturdy and comfortable, the staff happy and helpful, we had very little sickness, the other trekkers in our group were friendly and intelligent, and believe me I slept like a log every night (except when I got up to view the night sky which is like nothing I've seen). Don't miss the walking tours in KTM with Kim, and be sure to ask her to take you shopping...
Steve C, Wild Everest 2008

Thank you for making our journey such a magical experience ... an amazing adventure. We could not have wished for a better guide.
Everest High Passes Group, Nov 2008

Thanks a million times, once again, for the absolutely amazing trek - what a fine, life changing, experience, thanks to you and your amazing crew.
Lindsay H, Arun Valley & Gokyo 2008

Kim with a Pangboche Lama in the Everest region, Nepal ...

I have to thank you again (I hope I already did when I left). I enjoyed the trek much more than I could ever expect. When I left home my main goal was basically just to see all those big mountains, I didn't think so much all the other things I was going to see in Nepal. So, I was truly amazed how great it was to meet local, ordinary people, especially kids, and I felt so privileged when you made it possible to visit many homes of local people. The trek itself felt like being on a trek with a good friend who has excellent knowledge of local culture and people, and who knows very well the mountains also ... you did so well in all areas when compared to any other trekking guide (local or westerner), at least I felt very safe every time we were trekking, and nobody was as well taken care of as I was when we were staying in lodges. You had nice attitude all the time and you even took it calmly when I was grumpy or irritable. Maybe the most important thing for me was that in some nice way you were so easy to be with, I mean that even sitting beside you and just reading without saying a word felt so natural; this doesn't happen with everyone.
Olli PL, Everest High Passes 2008

Thank you for the great trip! It was certainty an adventure for me and so much fun. Reviewing my pictures and trying to delete 750 down to 100 is my goal and not an easy task. I have many stories and experiences to tell anyone who asks me.

You were great and a big help to this old man and I'll always remember your concern for me and our group. I already miss the spicy food - sure. And the smells of yak drivers and even Nima. But mostly I miss your infectious smile and spirit.
Tom B, Kharta trek 2007

If you want to experience the true nature and common daily life of these regions, you should do it with Kim and her team in Kamzang Journeys! In 2003 I went with her to a pilgrimage to Kailash with first stop in Kathmandu. Her plan for the journey proved the best one and we had the fortune to complete the circumambulation when other Westerners had to go back due to climate conditions.

When I decided to visit Asia again in 2007 I did not think twice and booked with Kim for a journey in Ladakh and the Markha Valley, a small group and made one of my best friends to date. Her dedication and love of the region, the people and their culture will give you the real thing, so your experience will be rich and whole, the true Himalayas.
- Male (Mexico), Markha Valley & Nomads Trek 2007 & Sacred Kailash Kora Tibet 2003

We specialize in interaction with locals in the areas where we trek. Zanskar, the Indian Himalayas ...

I was on Kim's High Passes trek in November as well as a trek in Ladakh summer '06. Kim and her staff are professional and practice solid risk management, all with a personal touch. I never felt like I was on a commercial trek, yet trekking with

Regarding High Passes specifically, the most important quality about the way Kim leads in that area is a profound attention to acclimatization. The itinerary is appropriately conservative to allow plenty of time for clients of all abilities to acclimatize. In addition, if specific clients acclimatize faster and perhaps have more capacity for activity, the itinerary offers optional side hikes from various lodges. In other words, if I was feeling less motivation or physically less than par, I could spend an afternoon reading in the lodge while others could do another hike in the area. Finally with regard to this issue, Kim is very flexible and provides very well for uncertainties. We had two people who struggled from the outset with the altitude. Rather than ending their trek and sending them back to the starting point, she discussed options with the clients and her sirdar (Nepali guide), and a new itinerary was created for the clients including a porter and guide. This allowed them to travel at a slower pace and still get to Everest Base Camp. They were not able to cross the passes, but we re-joined them at Namche Bazaar, and everyone felt they had reached their goals and were successful. This flexibility would not have happened with a different guide. As a matter of fact, we met clients from other trips who were on their way down after having felt sick and needing more time, and their group continued without them -- no alternative itinerary, just "trip over."

Kim treats her porters very well and considers them a vital part of our trip, caring for them with better wages, some outfitting, first aid, responsible loads, and an itinerary that also took their needs into account. The porters often joined us in the lodge, and we felt they were a part of our group as was appropriate.

... All of this goes without saying that the Everest region and the two high passes (Cho La and Renjo La) are utterly magnificent! We were indeed at the top of the world, and I felt like with this trek's itinerary we really experienced the entire area.
Ann McC, Everest High Passes 2008

Upper Dolpo 2008 Group

I would happily repeat the Arun-Gokyo trek, or do any other trek, with Kim and her crew. Kim is a pleasant and exceedingly competent trek leader; Lhakpa, the cooks, and the porters are special people and in my experience, a pleasure to travel with. They looked after us cheerfully and with care, but never intrusively. They are a warm and fun group, and pound for pound, physically the strongest people I've ever been around.

The people we encountered were fascinating, and the beauty of the place is beyond my ability to describe, it's photography heaven. The cultural differences between rural Nepal and my town are enormous, yet I felt welcome, secure, and at home the entire time we were trekking.
Steve & Karen, Arun Valley & Gokyo 2008

I thoroughly enjoyed being part of your Everest High Passes trek. Thank you very much for providing such good leadership, for your ever-cheerful companionship, for solving the various problems that arose and for ensuring that we all had a good time. We were an excellent group of really nice, diverse and interesting people whose friendship I enjoyed and value. Visiting the Everest region was a wonderful and awe-inspiring experience that I treasure.
David Knowler, High Passes 2008

The early years: trekking in the Changtang region of Ladakh with Lobsang & Joel, western Indian Himalayas

Even after a week here in the States, my heart and mind are still in the Himalayas!!! Thanks so much for all that you did to make our trek the incredible experience that it was. Although I got a bit tired at times, I did so enjoy the experience so much. How blessed I feel to have been able to go on this trip, especially with such a great group as our merry little band. Do greet the crew for me and thank them again and again. I hope all of you are safe and having a blast out there on the trail somewhere...
Terry R, Ladakh, the Land Beyond 2007

Kim was terrific. She has an enormous amount of energy and is extremely generous in spirit and heart. Indeed, she very a kind and passionate guide who loves what she does.
Ornella Cosentino, Manaslu and Nar-Phu 2006

I swear you are one of the most amazing people I've ever met. You simply never ceased to amaze me with your seemingly endless energy. On top of that you were always there to see how I was doing and never failing to have a solution to whatever was the problem of the day. Your professionalism, organization, and friendliness shined at every turn.
Lowell, Everest Gokyo & Kala Pattar Christmas 2005

Your energetic leadership and guidance and positive outlook have made this trip truly memorable. Thanks for your kindness and inspirational support.
Jim Wolff, Everest Gokyo & Kala Pattar Christmas 2005

Exploring the ruins of ancient palaces and fortresses in Leh, Ladakh.

Yes, it turned out to be a real good trip and I am most glad that I participated ... The land and the people turned out to be as interesting as you had promised. And the fellow travelers turned out to be amiable. The last, but not the least, Temba [Tenpa] and his assistant cooked up a storm. And all this sunshine...
Rein Grabbi, Zanskar, the Land Beyond 2005 lead by Kim and Joel, Project Himalaya

I also wanted to tell you both again how much I enjoyed the trek, how it really has been a "trip of a lifetime" for me that has given me wonderful new insights into Ladakh and a rich experience that I will always treasure (and hopefully repeat)! You were both instrumental to that experience, and I appreciated immensely your energy, enthusiasm and passion for trekking and your deep knowledge of the culture and history of Ladakh.
Scott R, Jumlam 2005 lead by Kim and Joel, Project Himalaya

... thank you [Joel], Kim, Lobsang and co for a trek that far surpassed all hopes and expectations. You can supply the adjectives for yourself to save me descending too far into the realms of cliché - any delighted superlatives will do. Unforgettable, and certainly not the last time I hope to come out.
Evan Jeffries, Caravan 2003 (and Helen and Evan came out in 2005...) - led by Kim & Joel, Project Himalaya

Kim with Dolpo Artist Tenzin Norbu in his family's gompa in Upper Dolpo

'The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page'
-St Augustine

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'The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page'
-St Augustine

'The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page'
-St Augustine

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