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Kamzang Karma Points

We offer incentive points + upgrades + gifts for our loyal returning trekkers + travelers.

Single Upgrade at the Kathmandu Guest House
Kamzang Trip Points
Guest Referral Points
Kamzang Duffel Bag
Pashmina Shawl

Kamzang Trip Points
+ Kamzang Points for a Kamzang Journeys Trip = $100 Trip Points
 - Not applicable for trips in Myanmar or Mongolia, operated by local agent
+ Kamzang Points for a Referral = $100 Trip Points

Points = Discount on next trek!


Incentive Gifts
Single Upgrade at the Kathmandu Guest House
Kamzang Duffel Bag
Pashmina Shawl


Kamzang Fund
Use your Kamzang Karma Points to contribute to the Kamzang Fund, points to dollars!



'Kamzang?', the greeting which resonates throughout the Tibetan Buddhist regions of Ladakh & Zanskar in the Indian Himalaya, roughly translates as 'Is everything OK?'.  In Tibetan, the meaning is closer to 'peace'.

The Company

Kamzang Journeys is owned and operated by Kim Bannister, an American expat and traveler of 25+ years who is based in Kathmandu, Nepal (spring, autumn and sometimes winter) & Leh, India (summer).
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Kamzang Journeys is a registered LLC in the USA. Our local company is Khumbu Adventures, based in Kathmandu, Nepal

Read about Kim & our KAMZANG TEAM!

Kamzang Journeys


The inspiration for Kamzang Journeys originated in Ladakh, where Kim and team have been trekking for 15+ years. It came from trekking through sparkling river valleys of sculpted ochre, mustard and moss-green rocks under soaring Himalayan peaks, through green, nomadic pasture lands peppered with nomadic yak-hair tents under a canopy of endless blue skies.

Our passion for these regions inspired us to make a lifestyle of leading treks and bicycle trips through Nepal, India, Tibet and Bhutan, later adding Mongolia and newly Pakistan to the list. All of our Kamzang team shares our love of these Himalayan regions, of the adventure of trekking, of exploring far-flung villages, sipping salt-butter tea in local houses, of camping with the nomads as they round up their flocks of sheep, goats and yaks, of watching for snow leopard and kiang as we journey through remote plateaus on the border of Nepal and Tibet, of bicycling through some of Bhutan's most breathtakingly beautiful regions.

Browse our Kamzang Journeys website for profiles of our guides, comments from trekkers, links to photo galleries of regions and specific treks and browse the roster of our diverse treks & travels in Nepal, India, Bhutan, Tibet, Mongolia & Pakistan. Join us for one of our unique treks, bicycle trips or cultural tours!

Trip Advisor Reviews

Why Trek with Kamzang Journeys?

The best people to ask are our hundreds of repeat clients. Most of our trekkers and bicyclists come from word of mouth. Read through what our trekkers have to say about us, and keep an eye on our Trip Advisor Reviews in Nepal & India!

As a very experienced Himalayan trekker who just did three straight trips with Kamzang Journeys I can't imagine booking a trek with any other company in the future!'
- Tom Barrett, Canada

Why Trek with Us? | Client Testimonials

Kamzang Philosophy

'The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.' -  Saint Augustine

Live fully, experience everything, seek adventure, challenge yourself, enjoy the mysteries, appreciate the planet's sublime beauty,
travel everywhere, laugh, share, be open-minded & explore the world!

We are an eco-friendly company that believes in 'leaving no trace' ....

Why Trek with Us?

Boutique Style Trekking
Western AND Sherpa Guided
Unmatched Safety Record
Satellite Phone AND InReach Satellite Messaging System
Personalized Care & Attention on Treks
Photography Buffs

The Kamzang Orange & Yellow Dining Tents
Incredibly Delicious & Diverse Food
Catering to All Food Allergies
Comfortable & Relaxed Atmosphere in Yellow Dining Tent
Library of Regional Books

A Passion for Each Region
Years of Trekking Experience in all of the Regions
Close Relationships with Locals in our Trekking Regions
In Depth Experiences in Villages
Nomadic Expertise
Local Staff (+ our Kamzang Team) in Remote Regions
Ropes + Safety Equipment

Ecologically Friendly
Sanitary Kitchen & Staff
Extensive Medical Knowledge & Medical Kits
Knowledgeable & Responsible Staff
Extensive Rescue Experience
Back-up Company in Kathmandu
Attention to Detail
We LOVE the Himalaya!

And we LOVE our jobs!

There are so many more reasons. Join us and find out why our repeat clients rate is well over 50%!


Get to Know Us!

Kamzang Journeys
We have been leading soulful, safe, adventurous, knowledgeable and unique treks, bicycle trips & other journeys through some of the most far-flung regions of the Himalaya for the past 15+ years. Nepal, India, Tibet & Bhutan are our back doors; we have friends and connections in the most remote villages, even with the nomads! No one runs a trek through these remote regions with the 'style' that we do!

Join us and find out about our yellow tent & the Kamzang-style of 'boutique' trekking ...

See our Featured Journeys page for our Western AND Sherpa led (Kim & Lhakpa) treks.
We consider these are THE best treks during the best seasons, and include all the amenities!
Featured Journeys


Kamzang Fund
The Kamzang Fund was started many years ago in the Indian Himalaya when Joel & Kim discovered a young boy dressed in a torn pink t-shirt who we later discovered to be the amazing Singge. We run this (non-registered) non-profit organization to give something back to the Himalayan people who have made our lives so wonderful over the past 15 years.

100% of money donated goes towards the education & health of individuals who have 'fallen through the cracks'.
Nothing could be more rewarding!
The Kamzang Fund


Kamzang World Design
Kim has been collecting and designing 'tribal' jewelry & textiles since her travels right after university.
Supporting indigenous artisans and weavers and tribal crafts.
Kamzang World Design Facebook


The Kamzang Team
Our Amazing Crew!

Kamzang Style | Himalayan Trekking & Bicycling

Our Unique Kamzang Journeys

Kamzang Journeys | Himalayan Region Photos

Kim Bannister SmugMug Photos

Kim  Bannister Gallery | Trip Photos

Trip Advisor Reviews

Join us!

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