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Kamzang Journeys Style

- Unique Kamzang Dining Tent
- Gourmet + Plentiful Meals
- Variety of Hot Drinks Throughout Day
- French Press Organic Coffee
- Safe, Filtered Drinking Water
- Delicious Snacks, Biscuits Throughout Day
- Central Asian Ambiance
 - Crazy Creek Chairs
- Library
- Light Music in Evenings
- Hot Washing Water

- Marmot Thor or Northface Tents
- Experienced + Caring Local Staff
- Extra Staff
- Satellite Communications
- Flexible Itineraries
- Local Shopping (Both Crafts + Supplies)
- Focus on Photography
 - Solar Charging

- Kamzang Fund Supports Local Regions, Educates Children + Helps Medically
- Eco Friendly Trekking
- Sustainable Trekking

Experience - Safety - Adventure - Challenge - Passion - Local Knowledge - Unique Routes - Fun

Kamzang Journeys is a small, experienced mountain based trekking and adventure travel company with an infectious enthusiasm for trekking, adventure travel, bicycle trips and living. Based in the Shangri La of Kathmandu, Nepal (although somewhat more tainted than it was when trekking and mountaineering first 'discovered' it), the Kamzang Journeys staff divides much of its time between the mountains of Nepal and the Indian Himalaya.

Kamzang Journeys specializes in 'off the map' treks, bicycle trips and travels in the Himalaya - Nepal, Tibet, the Indian Himalaya, Bhutan - and other nearby destinations - Rajasthan, India Mongolia and Myanmar (Burma). We also venture across the 'Silk Route' countries and sometimes wander through other continents in search of adventure (and new designs for the 'Kamzang World Design' collection)!

Kim Bannister, an American rarely in her home country, is a veteran Himalayan trekker and the founder of the Kamzang World (Kamzang Journeys, Kamzang World Design and The Kamzang Fund). She works closely with her trekking partner Lhakpa Dorji Sherpa, who now lives in Kathmandu but comes from the Solo Khumbu (Everest) region of the Nepal Himalaya. Kim and Lhakpa lead their own treks with the help their invaluable permanent and local staff, who work only with Kamzang Journeys.


Review from Kamzang Journeys Trekker

After researching all the registered trekking companies in Nepal (1000+) I finally stumbled onto Kamzang Journeys. Out of all of them they are the only one to mention you need prior experience to trek on the remote Dolpo and Mustang trek. This to me meant someone with the travelers best interest at heart rather than their own. As a first time, scared of heights trekker my mind was instantly made up.
Kamzang Journeys also ticked all the other boxes:
 - A smaller company which guides their own treks in Nepal + India
 - Environmentally conscious
 - Permanently employed staff
 - Fantastic trip itineraries with enough time to acclimatize, explore and some flexibility
 - The very appealing sounding 'of the beaten track'!
 - NO singles supplement for your own two-person tent

The Ladakh and Zanskar trek was challenging and spectacular. Our guides Kim and Lhakpa genuinely enjoy what they are doing. They speak the local language and we had lots of opportunities to interact with the locals. We got invited into people's homes, shared cups of tea, were offered fresh yogurt, got to taste roasted barley and dried cheese, played with the kids and every one was happy to pose for our cameras. Thanks for a wonderful trek Kim and Lhakpa! I will be back next year!

 - After a hard day of walking though spectacular mountain scenery, we were joined by two local women (in their 80s) in the dining tent. With the help of tea and biscuits, lots of laughter and our young Ladakhi translator we connect despite our cultural differences and ages.
 - The staff went above and beyond, twice carrying all our equipment up the hill when the horses couldn't do it! They still sang or hummed a tune afterwards.
 - Food was amazing with a 3 course meal every day.
 - Unlimited tea and biscuits.
 - Always someone to walk with you if you where last and keep you going.

Why Trek with Us?

Boutique Style Trekking (Not Missing any of the Adventure!)
Western AND Sherpa Guided
Unmatched Safety Record
Satellite Phone AND InReach Satellite Messaging System
Personalized Care & Attention on Treks
Photography Buffs

The Kamzang Orange & Yellow Dining Tents
Incredibly Delicious & Diverse Food
Catering to All Food Allergies
Comfortable & Relaxed Atmosphere in Yellow Dining Tent
Library of Regional Books

A Passion for Each Region
Years of Trekking Experience in all of the Regions
Close Relationships with Locals in our Trekking Regions
In Depth Experiences in Villages
Nomadic Expertise
Local Staff (+ our Kamzang Team) in Remote Regions
Ropes + Safety Equipment

Ecologically Friendly
Sanitary Kitchen & Staff
Extensive Medical Knowledge & Medical Kits
Knowledgeable & Responsible Staff
Extensive Rescue Experience
Back-up Company in Kathmandu
Attention to Detail

We LOVE the Himalaya!
And we LOVE our jobs!

15+ Years of Safe Trekking & Guiding Experience in the Himalaya

There are so many more reasons. Join us and find out why our repeat clients rate is well over 75%!

Kamzang Journeys | Trekking + Bicycling Style

Our Kamzang style is a unique, 'boutique' style of trekking, comfort and style will all of the adventure! Our food is some of the best you'll ever find on a trek (or elsewhere), our staff is the best their is, our gear Western (Marmot expedition tents, Crazy Creek chairs) and our yellow and orange dining tents are known around the Himalaya.

Our delicious and plentiful lunches are picnic style in beautiful settings, and we often wander into nomadic tents for cups of salt-butter tea with friends. All other meals are in the comfort of our bright and comfortable Kamzang Journeys dining tent, food as gourmet and diverse as you will ever find on a Himalayan trek. Some light music in the evenings adds to the relaxed ambiance ...

We have a full medical kit and Kim has years of altitude and medical knowledge, Wilderness First Responder and First Aid/CPR certificates. We bring along a 'library' of books on the region for you to enjoy. And we have solar panels to charge your cameras & music, a satellite phone and other means of communication in the most remote regions of the Himalaya.

Most of our treks are camping, but when we do stay in lodges in the Everest region we choose atmospheric lodges where we have long relationships with the Sherpa owners. We look for lodges which offer a bit of 'boutique', traditionally Sherpa style.

We take the best care possible of our trekkers and see them year after year for treks with Kamzang Journeys. We run extremely well thought out and safe treks, but also consider it important to enjoy ourselves en route, as well as having in-depth experiences with the locals villagers and nomads. Kim & Lhakpa love to shop with the nomads and villagers, support medically & financially locals from our trekking regions (see Kamzang Fund), and Lhakpa is a font of local languages.

We are known throughout the Himalaya for our safety in the mountains & the care we take for our trekkers. Our top knotch safety record is based on years of experience and backed up by local knowledge. When it's critical, we take THE best possible care of you and our staff.



Kamzang Journeys Trekking
Take a look at the photos of our treks, and our wonderful campsites and Kamzang Journeys camping sites!
Kamzang Journeys | Trek Photos
Kim Bannister Photography | Trip Photos

Client Reviews + Testimonials
Read what others have written about us to understand why our REPEAT CLIENT ratio is over 50%!
Kamzang Journeys | Why Trek with Us?

The Kamzang Team
Get to know our amazing staff!
Kamzang Journeys | Kamzang Journeys Team
Kamzang Journeys | Kamzang Journeys Private Trek Team

The Kamzang Fund
We spend much of our lives working with locals who are not as privileged as we are. The Kamzang Fund helps to sponsor children from remote villages, help with medical and lifestyle issues and add value to life where ever we can. 
Kamzang Journeys | The Kamzang Fund
Kamzang Journeys | The Kamzang Kids

Keeping Our World Clean
After spending 15 years trekking in the Himalayan regions, we can honestly say we are one of the only trekking groups to clean our campsites, bury our toilet holes, carry out waste AND clean up the trash that other groups leave behind.

Join Us!


Trekking, Bicycling, Boutique Trips + Adventure Travel

Pictures often say volumes more than words, so we've added some of our favorites from the past 15 years of Himalayan trekking ...
Have a browse, and come trekking!

Kamzang style, loving life in the Everest region ...

Sharing an afternoon with local Mustangi woman, Upper Mustang, Nepal.

Kim & Lhakpa's Mustang group with art restorer Luigi Fini in Lo Monthang, Upper Mustang ...

Cresting high passes in style (Everest region, Nepal).

Trekkers and staff bonding and enjoying another wonderful dayof trekking in Ladakh (Indian Himalalyas).

Photographing the wildlife and sublime beauty of the nomadic region of Ladakh (Indian Himalaya).

Happy to reach the spectacular summit of the Renjo La pass (Everest region, Nepal).

Lama dance on the High Manaslu trek in Lho, Manaslu region (Nepal) ...

Cultural exchanges?

Sharing a local meal of potato pancakes with a sherpa family(Everest region, Nepal).

Kamzang trekking in Kharta Valley, Tibet. Crossing a 5000+ meter snowy pass ...

Sharing the gompa kora with pilgrimages in Tibet ...

Kamzang trekking at sublime Phoksumdo Lake, heading into the remote regions of Upper Dolpo, Nepal.

Kamzang Style!

Exploring the furthest reaches of Upper Mustang, Nepal.

Sublime views of Makalu on the Kharta Valley Trek (Tibet)

Exploring the Tibetan region of  Mustang, Nepal

Cresting high passes in remote Upper Dolpo ...

Himalayan Veterans, Kamzang Style!

Exploring some of the most remote parts of the Himalaya. Kyunglung, ancient Kingdom

Visiting the gompas (monasteries) of the Indus Valley, Ladakh ...

Broad Himalayan vistas after a high pass in Upper Dolpo, Nepal.

Lots of local shopping with Kim in Lhasa ,Tibet.


The Kamzang Style of Camping

Just take a look at our campsites and try to resist signing up for our next trek!

We give everyone new, roomy Big Agnes (Steamboat, Colorado) tents, 2-man for singles, 3-man for couples. And our wonderful 'Central Asian' style dining tents are renown throughout the Himalaya. 'Heaven', one trekker described one of them! Many a lazy afternoon is spent lounging on the rugs or sitting in camp chairs with a good book, looking at the day's photos and watching the world go by ...

Our food is gourmet and diverse, and our kitchen clean; the best eating experience you'll find on any trek in the Himalaya! Our services and staff are top notch.We bring maps and a small 'library' of relevant books on every trek, and carry full medical kits including a PAC bag (altitude chamber) when necessary. We have at least on satellite phone on every trek. Safety is our number one priority, and a close second is your experience in the Himalaya. All of this, along with no huge groups, and personalized attention are what make trekkers come back year after year to trek and travel with us.

Camping and trekking at its best ...

Kamzang Style camping (Dolpo, Nepal)

Another perfect campsite in Ladakh ...

Kamzang dining tent in the nomadic regions of Ladakh ...

Kamzang Style trekking (Ladakh, the Indian Himalaya)

Kamzang Dining Tent

Idyllic campsite in the nomadic region of Ladakh ...

Kamzang Style trekking (Ladakh, the Indian Himalaya)

Having a local cleansing 'puja' or blessing at a Manaslu campsite after a team clean-up ...

Samdo, Upper Dolpo (Nepal)

Set up by the river, Zangla, Ladakh (Indian Himalaya)

Kamzang Dining Tent & Maitre D ...

Our Tibetan festival tent on a grassyriverside campsite below the ancient Kingdom of Zangla, Ladakh. (Indian Himalaya)

Riverside campground in the high grazing plateau of Nyimaling, the Markha Valley, Ladakh. (Indian Himalaya)

Another campsite by the river, overlooking the picturesque Photoskar village, Ladakh. (Indian Himalaya)

Grassy paradise in Ladakh. (Indian Himalaya)


And Travel ...

Wedding season in Rajasthan, India.

Camel safaris in the expansive desertf of Rajasthan, India.

Sharing the lives of local Rajasthanis in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Tented desert camps in Rajasthan, India.

Exploring the neighborhood of the rajas (Rajasthan, India).

Breakfast with palace views in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Sublime Boudhanath stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Ancient knowledge from a saddhu, Pashupatinath, Nepal.

Real interactions with the locals. Kathmandu, Nepal.

Exploring the old capitals of the Kathmandu Valley (Patan Durbar Square, Kathmandu Valley).

Vising remote Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh, India.

Our favorite fresh juice bar (New Delhi, India).

Local street-side vegetable shopping (Leh, Ladakh, India).

Sharing an afternoon with a village elder (Panauti, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal).

Never underestimate the power of the Gods in Nepal, especially from the front of a Russian helicopter in remote Dolp, Nepal! Om namaya Shiva ...

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